Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Wandering Aimlessly

It's been awhile since I've had a chance to wander aimlessly through the links I've listed on this blog. Here are a few interesting things I've found, which I'll list in the inimitable 2Blowhards-style.

All Things 2 All's much-anticipated Science and Christianity Showcase is up.

The lovely Violet is featured on this week's Out of the Wilderness showcase.

Michael Blowhard writes in Hobbies about his father who, like my father, was a whistling small-aircraft flyer. Wonder if his dad was a ping-pong player as well?

I don't usually think things like, "Gee, it would be nice to have that person's life." Except when I read Terry Teachout's blog.

The Muse at Sunset used my ripped-up music as a starting point and has written a couple of informative and thoughtful posts on R. Nathaniel Dett, a notable African-American composer of the 20th century

Rebecca wonders why spammers can't spell. And she thinks Spamusement is funny, too, which shows that she has a capital sense of humor.

Wittingshire is celebrating St. Patrick's week with limericks.

The Internet Monk has a long post titled "Looney Tunes: The Whacked Out, Whipped Up, Wholly Scary Theology of the Praise and Worship Movement." He packs it full of what he calls "raw blarney" about the theology of the Praise & Worship music used in many of today's church services.

Marla continues to race back and forth between blogging and baby-tending.

Lynn S. has a good post about Life's Passion.

Kim couldn't be more frustrated with Booger Blogger comments. I must say that I feel her frustration--not just with comments, but with the (in)ability to get from the Dashboard to the Create Post page. (But hey, it's free, so I hate to complain too much.)

By the way, have I mentioned that it's the Hubster's birthday? :-)

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Waterfall said...

The Hubster thanks you from the bottom of his Hubbi-full heart!

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