Sunday, March 20, 2005

Thoughts on Terri Schiavo, and Another

I haven't written much on Terri Schiavo, mainly because there is so much out there that's already being written, collected, disseminated, etc., by other, less self-absorbed bloggers.

One of those people is Catez at Allthings2All. She has been posting regularly about the progress (and now regress) of Terri and the whole sick issue of starving/dehydrating her to death.

I know--knew--someone who died of dehydration. Like Terri, he was very much alive and responsive to things, yet he was unable to help himself. The circumstances were very different, including that the person I knew was a small child, barely beyond infancy--one who could easily have survived a tragic ordeal if he'd been but a few years older.

I cannot explain the grief that his family, the friends of his family, and the extended community went through. I try to imagine what it must have been like for this child to suddenly find that his caregiver and food source were gone. No one saw him die. No one saw the pain that he must have suffered for the days he was without food and water. All they found at the scene of his death were the crumbs of a few crackers--I think animal crackers--that he had managed to forage from his room.

When I read about Terri Schiavo, I think about this little boy. He's been gone for more than ten years, and I still grieve to think of a life so needlessly extinguished. Maybe Terri Schiavo doesn't have the future that this little boy had, but does that really matter? If she is responsive, if she's not in a persistent vegetative state, why are people so determined to kill her? Why does she have to suffer helplessly the same death that this little boy suffered? What is so tragic (among other things) is that she hasn't been abandoned or left behind by those who love her; they all are the ones who have been abandoned and rejected by a sick system that sees murder as somehow merciful.

Catez has the latest updates, along with information about how you can help, here.

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