Saturday, March 5, 2005

So Fashionable

I've never been very fashionable. My body has never particularly fit the fashions, and my mind has never particularly liked them. Except for grunge, and I was grunge when grunge wasn't cool. By the time it came into fashion, I'd long perfected the style.


I have these beautiful black velvet pants that I got in the eleventh grade. They're size 12. I was not a small girl in the eleventh grade. Size 12 isn't huge by any means, but I was 5'1". So a 12 was a bit large. They were fashionable enough--tight at the waist, a bit tapered in the legs, and roomy in the thighs.

Now I'm a size 4. I've been a size 4 for some time now. I haven't worn these black velvet pants since college.

I have to go to a dreaded social function tonight. I had "nothing to wear." Really.

So I dug out these black velvet pants and put them on. They hang on my hips. They're two inches too long because they hang on my hips so badly.

I have two-inch clunky heels, something I bought when I was feeling somewhat fashionable at PayLess.

So I'm fashionable after all. I have these baggy pants that hang on my hips, clunky ugly heels, and a nice little sweater to go with it.

Fashionable. And without even trying!

And I've already had an extraversion pill in the form of a nice glass of merlot. The dreaded social function should be a pluperfect hoot.


A Circle of Quiet said...

Good to hear someone else say that they fortify themselves for small talk with a glass of merlot.

Hope your Black Velvet night goes well...or that it is over soon (-:


daisymarie said...

i'm so out of style, my kids have threatened to call "What not to wear" on me!

i won't ever be a size 4, but i sure dream of being a 12. sigh.

Waterfall said...

Diane: Yup, merlot is good for us introverts. The Black Velvet night went fine; my introverted artist friend was there so we hung out together and talked about art, music, and books. So it wasn't so bad after all.

daisymarie: I've actually been threatened with "what not to wear" too! Ha! Good luck in getting to a 12.

Jammie J. said...

Are you still 5'1"? I'm glad your social event went well. I understand the dreaded nerves. ;)

Waterfall said...

Jeanette: No, I'm no longer 5'1". Everyone told me I'd eventually start growing taller (rather than outward), and I finally did. By the time I was 16, I had towered to my current height of 5'2". I know, it's hard to believe that a person could grow that much. Miracles never cease.

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