Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Short Bach Post

OK, I seem to have graduated from memes to links. So I'll link away for today's Bach post.

Here are some Bach-related pages I've visited lately. I'll be adding them to my list of links soon. has a detailed Bach biography, Bach's life in contemporary pictures (contemporary to Bach, that is) , and my favorite, Bach's Leipzig. This same site includes bios on other Baroque composers, including Corelli, Vivaldi, the exquisitely named Johann Josef Fux, Handel, and Purcell (who seems to have a really strange hairdo ... or wig).

Carolina Classical's J.S. Bach Biography has modern-day photographs of St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, where Bach spent most of the half of his life. It also has links to pdfs of a number of Bach's musical works.

And, if you're too lazy to click the links and read, then you can enjoy this picture of the Pfitscher Bach Waterfall. It's in Austria. It has nothing to do with J.S. Bach, or with me. But it's what you get when you do a Google search on "Bach" and "Waterfall." (No, I had no idea what to expect. Though, since Bach means "brook," I guess I shouldn't be surprised to find a Bach Waterfall.)

(Yes, I'm mindlessly bored at work today.)

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