Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Not Just the Ides of March

Today is the Hubster's birthday!

Happy birthday, Hubster!


Emrah said...

Yes, it is not Just the Ides of March, yet not just the Hubster's birthday, either.

We [at least me] are wondering if you would write about a sweet romantic recollection. Me here struggling with the proposal of my first year review. [So... The clue is in the last sentence. ;-) ]

Perhaps, you've already started typing it. If you intend to share, don't forget to include the photo as well. ;-)

Happy birthday to the Hubster.



Waterfall said...

A romantic recollection, hm? I'll work on one. But whenever I try writing one, I get very mushy and end up not posting it. So we'll see!

Emrah said...

Alright. Was just implying the "proposal" story on Sandia Mountain near Albuquerque, specifically. ;-) [15.03.2003]

Waterfall said...

LOL, I'm going to transcribe the scene as it's written in the Hubster's book tonight. And I'll include a picture, if I can find one!

Emrah said...

Actually, there is one. The Hubster got down on his knees infront of you, wearing a dark red shirt. Your facial gesture reveals how happily moved you feel at that moment.

Sherlock ;-)

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