Friday, March 4, 2005

Google Searches

Here are some Google searches that have led to my blog in the past couple of days:

navel gaze blogspot
poopy poopy notebook
Dr. Dre piano notation
the perfect pitch test
songs i done wrote
law and order svu theme song
daniel boone big turtle walked slow
brahms INFP
Asheville mall playgroup

Interestingly, the most common search that seems to lead here is the one for "law and order svu theme song." There must be a lot of people out there who want that song!


Forrest Covington said...

How do you find out which Google searches lead to your blog?

Waterfall said...

Hey Forrest, you just need to go to and download a counter for your blog. The instructions on the site are relatively clear, so it isn't too difficult. Once your counter is installed, sitemeter tells you how many have visited, plus other information about your visitors, including "referral." It's the "referral" listing that tells you the google search that led to your blog, as well as which visitors came from other websites that have linked to your blog. It's pretty cool (and can be VERY addictive!).

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