Friday, March 11, 2005

Cubicle Dweller's Lament

He said, "They ask you why do you ride for your money?
Why do you rope for short pay?
You ain't gettin' nowhere and you're losin' your share - -
Oh, you must have gone crazy out there."

But they've never seen the Northern Lights.
Never seen the hawk on the wing.
Never seen the spring hit the Great Divide - -
No, they've never heard old Camp Cookie sing.

--from "Night Rider's Lament" by Michael Burton

I'm just about ready to go crazy out there. Or in here. I've never seen the northern lights either, and I want to. Preferably while on a long backpacking trip. But for now, I'm satisfying myself here in Cubicle Land with these awesome photos from the Norio Matsumoto Gallery.

Garth Brooks had a hit with "Night Rider's Lament" several years ago, but my favorite version is the one from Nanci Griffith's album, Other Voices, Other Rooms.

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Waterfall said...

Pei Yun: Aren't they beautiful? Glad you like them!

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