Monday, March 28, 2005

The Blogrolling Mystery

OK, so I installed Blogrolling a week or two ago, and it's been very convenient. Whenever a blog in the list is updated, it gets marked by little equal signs, like this:

=A Sort of Notebook=

Only thing is, it only indicates when some of the blogs are updated, but not all. And it doesn't always say if a blog is updated, only sometimes. Examples:

- Every time Pratie Place is updated, it's indicated in my blogroll.

- Every now and then, it will indicate that Reflections in d minor has been updated. Though I know that that blog is updated a lot more often than my blogroll indicates.

- It's never once indicated that The Muse at Sunset has been updated. Or The Upward Call. I moseyed over to The Muse a little while ago to find that Mr. Covington has been updating like a madman, and I had no idea.

Same goes for Kim at The Upward Call.

I've e-mailed the folks at, but haven't heard a peep from them. Perhaps some of my readers, all of whom naturally posess above-average intelligence, can offer a clue as to why some folks aren't being shown as updated?

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