Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Back from the Blogging Break

OK, so I was only gone a week. Kind of. But I think that was long enough. Here are Ten Things that Happened in the Interim:

1) My little sister ("Mu") got engaged to a nice pharmacist ("Stu"). Congratulations, Mu and Stu!

2) The Hubster and I took a whirlwind trip to Ohio for the purpose of doing some genealogy research on his family. We tramped through quite a few old graveyards, read old news articles on microfilm until our eyes fell out, and ate our weight in Ray's Pizza. Not my ideal way to spend Easter weekend, but it was a good trip in that I got to spend quality time with Ye Olde Hubster.

3) I resigned from my cushy, high-paying, great-benefits, 401k-totin' technical writing job. OK, so I did that today. (In case you were wondering, "Q" stands for "QUIT!") I'll work here till mid-May (meanwhile knocking LOUDLY on every opportunistic door I can find), and then ... trust that some of those doors will open. The plan is to actively seek seasonal work, freelance-writing jobs, and maybe some piano jobs. I'll never be a concert pianist, but I think I've definitely entered the realm of "good enough" for church/wedding jobs.

4) I realized that my writing has gone to pot. Sat down to work on my much-neglected novel over the weekend, and I kept falling into this jokey, chatty writing style so characteristic of my blog persona. With blogging, my hard-copy notebook/journal has ceased to be my primary source of reflective writing. That's something that needs to change.

5) Speaking of pot, or drugs at least, I spent several days enjoying the effects of a narcotic that was prescribed to me last week after I got a temporary crown at the dentist's office. Woo boy, but I can see how that stuff is so addictive. It's just like ingesting a Joyfully Positive Well-Being in the form of a pill. Much preferable, I declare, to molar pain.

6) My, but the blogosphere has gotten ugly over the whole Terri Schiavo thing. Poor woman. Poor family. It's all so sad, and it's sadder to see all the ugliness that has come out of it--the self-rightousness and the arrogance. Many thanks to you, dear readers, for not starting ugly debates here the few times I've posted on Terri Schiavo. There is plenty of space for debates elsewhere.

7) I've been thinking about writing one of those "100 Things About Me" lists that have been popping up all over the blogosphere for the past year. But I can only think of about six things that are remotely interesting. Sorry, y'all.

8) I finished reading Sophie's World. Interesting book about the history of philosophy. OK, so there were some sections that bored me (I cannot seem to read about Locke and Hume without falling asleep). But I loved the ending ... talk about a twist. The fictional characters turn out to really be alive, and they end up in an immortal sort of existence, on another dimension, with all of the fictional characters of the past. I've sometimes imagined that that happened with my own fictional characters ... are they still there, hanging out, waiting for me to revive them in those stories and novels that I started but never finished? Gypsy, can you hear me? Minnesota Dan? Miz Worthy? Oh, I forgot. Miz Worthy never wears her hearing aid.

9) I worked on Adagio Thing a good bit after returning from Ohio. I'm planning to give it lots of attention in the next few days (I meet with Vance again on Friday), so I may be blogging about it a good bit between now and Friday.

10) I missed everyone. I didn't even read many blogs while I was on my break. Just stayed away from the blogosphere completely. It's good to be back.


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