Friday, February 25, 2005

Wedding Fight Song

Well, folks, I met with my bride last night. She and her fiance are getting married in July, and Yours Truly is the ceremony pianist.

This will be the first full wedding I've ever played, and the first wedding I've ever been paid for. I warned her that she's hiring non-professional, but she said that was OK. So we met last night to discuss the music selections and make music-related plans.

It was so much fun! I loved recommending things! There are a few things she wants that I've never played, but they should be easy enough to learn.

Except for the fight song.

That's right, folks. I'm to play the fight song of the groom's alma mater as he and the groomsmen enter the church.

I'm sure it won't be hard to play. In fact, I'm sure it will be humorous and fun, as the bride intends. Just like the Hubster's and my use of Nalgene bottles for toasting glasses at the reception at our own wedding was humorous and fun.

Has anyone ever heard a college fight song played as part of a wedding ceremony? On the piano? Just curious. I might need to make a deal with the "Trumpet Voluntary" trumpeter at some point ...

And wonder ... is it good to have a "fight" song played at the starting point of one's marriage?

Should we have more of a "love" song instead?

I almost think that the fight song might be more fun for the very end of the wedding ... for the recessional, or after the recessional, when folks are gathering up their purses and waking up their small children.

Any opinions? You can listen to my favorite fight song while pondering.

(Warning: Displaced Louisianians may suffer severe symptoms of homesickness while playing this song. Listen at your own risk.)


daisymarie said...

i have never hear of anything like this, but i think if it's what they want that it's a great idea!!!! it will be memorable and personal. think of it more as a spirit song or a pep song...getting them ready for the hard work a marriage takes to last!!!!!

Jammie J. said...

That's too funny! Certainly creative to say the least.

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