Monday, February 28, 2005

Wandering Aimlessly, Watching the Snow

I've been away for the blogosphere for a few days and am getting caught up while waiting for the snow to melt a bit. I don't have much to say this morning (other than, "Do I really have to go to work??"), so I'll write about some things that are going on elsewhere.

Actually, here are a few non-blog items of note in the world of people I know personally.

My good friend Amy at Inspire Company has updated her site for spring. This is a great site if you're shopping for unique gifts for families with babies and small children, neat springtime-inspired items, and a multitude of other unusual and often vintage-inspired gifts. It looks like she's recently begun selling antique dolls, as well. Her site includes an online magazine for those of you who enjoy crafts--on your own or with your kids.

Brad of Thirsty Soul hasn't updated his page lately, but his wife, Amy, has posted a photo of their alien son, Ethan. (He's not really an alien. He's actually very cute. Check out his site.)

Over on Trailjournals (a must-read site for hikers), Anna "Mud Butt" Huthmaker, the ever-adventurous cellist, continues to write about her life in Africa.

Meanwhile, Stacey has answered the interview questions that I asked her last week.

I'll write more later. I think I'm just burned out on writing about me, me, me for the time being. So I'm going to go read about other people, other people, other people. Then I'll probably have to leave for work, work, work.

Blah. I'd much rather stay home and watch the snow.


daisymarie said...

there's plenty of snow to watch here! with more to follow. guess march is going to come in like a lion.

take care.

Waterfall said...

Definitely like a lion!!

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