Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Today's Listening Selection

Palestrina: Pope Marcellus Mass. Go listen. I cannot even begin to describe the transcendence of this music. It is another one of my lengthy "morning listens" that have become a habit (ritual?) for me since moving into Cubicle Land.


Emrah said...

Gosh! After a short break, lots of material to read. I hope everything is OK there. It seemed to me that you sound a bit less cheerful, probably due to your illness.

Frankly speaking, I worried that that actually, there was something else going wrong other than your health. Just a hunch... I had that strange feeling that, perhaps, something annoyed you, worried you with this blog thing. Can't explain though...

You removed your photo.

Anyway... Nice to hear from you again :-)

Waterfall said...

Thanks, it's nice to be back!

The photo will be back up before long. I had wanted to replace it with a photo of my cat, but it wouldn't load for some reason. If I can't get it to work tomorrow, I'll just put the old photo back up.

I'm on my way to practice piano and work on theory right now, so hopefully I'll soon have a music update worth reading. :-)

Take care!

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