Monday, February 14, 2005

Today's Listening Selection

Robert Schumann: Works for Oboe and Piano (Jeno Jando, piano / Jozsef Kiss, oboe)

Here are three good reasons for listening to this CD today:

1) My latest assignment in music theory is to write a piano accompaniment to a short melody played by a wind instrument, so I'm exploring the way that this kind of thing has been done by composers who, unlike me, actually knew what they were doing.

2) My favorite instruments in the whole world are piano and oboe.

3) Schumann is my friend.

I'm listening to this CD on, but I think I like the Holliger/Brendel CD (snippets available on better. It's slower, softer, more velvety (to use a wine-tasting word I encountered this weekend), and more ... human.


tonia/sparrow said...

Hi Waterfall,
Thanks for visiting my site today. I'm glad you left a comment, I was feeling a little low about that post! I spent some time reading through some of your entries. While I've been raising kids, you've been off living the life I'm supposed to live! hee hee
I just started piano 2 years ago, so you are WAAAAYYYY ahead of me. But I love it, and I like that I can put "Piano" in my interests column.
I'm going to leave another comment down at your Women4God blogs post.

Waterfall said...

Tonia, welcome! It was so good to "discover" your blog yesterday. Glad you decided to stop by!

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