Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Observations During Sickness

Here are some not-so-profound observations that I made while bedridden (OK, recliner-ridden) in front of our mindless television for the better part of a week.

"Buffy" and "Meg Pryor" look just alike. Do you supposed "Meg" grew up after her Bandstandin' 60s life in Philly, got married, and gave birth to a vampire slayer?

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is a good book and a quick read. Highly recommended, particularly if you have an autistic person in your life.

Hideaway (the calico) is more snuggly than Beau (the bobcat), but Beau has seniority when it comes to snuggling in the recliner.

My fantasy-dad, Paul McCartney, looks really good, as always.

The Hubster is an angel.

Time does not fly when you're not having fun at home, any more so than when you're not having fun at work.

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violet said...

Sorry to hear you took yourself off the Women4God Blogs aggregator...but understand perfectly. Blogging can be such a lighthearted, fun thing - if one lets it, why add pressure? Hope you're feeling better, so much so that the recliner is lonely again.

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