Thursday, February 17, 2005

My Sweet Mommy, Lands' End, and JEANS

My dear, sweet mommy gave me a gift certificate to Lands' End for my birthday. A nice gift certificate! So I'm looking forward to buying some purty tops to wear with my JEANS!!!

"Why?" you ask. "I can understand that Waterfall is excited about a gift certificate to Lands End, but ... why on earth is she so excited about wearing jeans?"

I'll tell you why!

It's because the new boss told us today that we are allowed to wear jeans to work. Every single day, if we want. And I want! Yee-hi! I'm going to burn these awful khakis that I've been wearing for the last year and a half! No more dressing like a chocolate-point Siamese cat! I'm wearing JEANS tomorrow, baby!

Thank you, Mrs. Gwen, for the wonderful gift certificate! Everything I buy will look so good with my JEANS!


oceanskies79 said...

Hi Waterfall, so I suppose your birthday is drawing near? Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Waterfall said...

Yes, it's today. Thanks!

daisymarie said...

Hooray for jeans at work!!!!!!


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