Friday, February 11, 2005

A Little Blog Before I Go

Welp, I just finished a big chunk of a project at work, and I'm leaving for Music Theory in just a few minutes.

It's going to be a social, social weekend, and the prospect has this mildly depressed introvert wanting to run screaming anywhere, anywhere but to a social function. I still haven't completely recovered from last week's sickness, and the last thing I want to do is go somewhere public, put on a smile, and be polite. Really, I just want to go to the woods and embark on a long, quiet walk. No people. No computers. No ads. No gossip. No talking at all.

Only 434 days until my PCT thru-hike begins. I wonder if my sanity will hold out that long ...

OK, I have to go. Was just looking for a way to fill in these 15 minutes before hitting the road.


Kim said...

Ah, another introvert! I am an IFSJ myself, and the picture of running away from a social engagement screaming is one I have envisioned myself. The quiet walk sounds like a plan.

What kind of theory are you learning? My daughter is a pianist, and she's taking theory. She hates it, but says she is glad she's taking it.

Waterfall said...

Kim, it's always nice to find other introverts, isn't it! In theory, I am working on lots of stuff, mainly using secondary diminished sevenths and augmented sixths in compositions. Challenging, but fun ... and it's all for fun anyway. :-)

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