Friday, February 18, 2005

It's My Birthday, I Must Say!

I'm thirty-five today. My cuz'n LaVronica is very silly and wonderful (thanks, Cuz!). My birthmom wrote a wonderful blog post (see post above). My mommy gave me that nice gift certificate so maybe I'll do some online shopping today. My cat, Beau, slept on my head last night. Heidi spoiled me by snuggling with me and making me late for work. The Hubster brought me coffee in bed this morning and told me all kinds of sweet things about how much he loves me. And I'm wearing jeans in Cubicle Land! This weekend will be spent camping with the Hubster, doing paint-your-own pottery with some girlfriends, practicing George, reading, writing, and composing. Life is very, very good.

However ...

February 18 isn't just a big day for me, y'all. It's a special day for a lot of people. And a planet. And a whole country!

(Drumroll, please)

Happy birthday also to Kim at The Upward Call, John Travolta, my old flame Matt Dillon, Molly Ringwald, Yoko Ono, Jack Palance, Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary), Vanna White, Milos Forman (director of my favorite movie, Amadeus), Toni Morrison, Helen Gurley Brown, Dr. Dre, Juice Newton, Andres Segovia, Boris Pasternak, Dennis DeYoung, Irma Thomas, Cybill Shepherd, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (first published on this day in 1885), and the planet Pluto (discovered on this day by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 at Lowell Observatory).

And a very happy National Flag Day to the fine folks of The Gambia!


tonia/sparrow said...

Happy, happy birthday. You make me smile. (also, you make me feel guilty when I don't practice the piano. I know that somewhere out there in the world, Waterfall would want me to practice. So I will, today. I promise.)

A Circle of Quiet said...

Happy Birthday! I noted your comment at Upward Call and came right on over.

Great post by your birth mother, and the wedding pictures -- WOW! Nice.

My youngest (turned six yesterday) asked "Why are there so many people born in February? I, of course, went backwards to see what happens 9+ months before and announced, "Spring fever?" My kids all looked at me strangely...."Someday, guys, you will understand." "Uh, yeah, Mama." (-:

Many happy returns of the day!

violet said...

Happy Birthday Waterfall!! Also, thanks for sharing with us the words of your birth mom and your tribute to her above. Enjoy the day - in jeans!

daisymarie said...

Happiest of Days to Celebrate You!!!!!

How blessed you are to have so many to love you!

blessings and grace!

Waterfall said...

Sparrow: Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sorry if I made you feel guilty (but hopefully it gets you to practice more, hee hee). Actually my own practicing has not been the greatest lately. Hoping to get back into my good practicing routine again this week.

Diane: Thank you! I've thought the same thing about February birthdays, ha! Spring fever, definitely!

Violet: Thanks! And yes, I enjoyed the day in jeans ... what a great unintended birthday present from the boss. :-)

daisymarie: Yes, I've been blessed with many good people in my life. Sometimes it just amazes me. Thanks!

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