Monday, February 21, 2005

In the Mood for the Monday Morning March

Ever wake up on Monday morning and just get a hankerin' to do the Monday Morning March?

I do. As I walked through the parking garage to work this morning, I had the Monday Morning March tune in my head, and found myself walking in time to the music.

Just as I think everyone should celebrate Hoodie-Hoo Day to chase away the winter doldrums, I think it might be a good idea for the world to chase away the Monday blues by doing the Monday Morning March. And today's rainy, cold, grey weather is crying out for such a march.

How does one do the Monday Morning March, you ask? It's a Buckskin Bill thing. In an old NR Corner comment, Rod Dreher (a Louisiana native) writes:

"It's hard to overestimate how much kids from the Baton Rouge area loved Buckskin Bill, and what a big part of our lives he was. How much we trusted him. Yet as is obvious from the old tapes, his program was extremely low-tech, and very gentle. There is no place for a Buckskin Bill in a Spongebob Squarepants world. Yeah, yeah, it's pathetic to listen to older people sit around whining about how they don't make 'em like they used to anymore, but I really do believe it's a huge loss for children that contemporary TV has formatted their brains to require jolts of manic entertainment, such that a Mr. Rogers or a Buckskin Bill comes off not as comforting but dull."
The Monday Morning March? Dull?!?

Ah yes. Back to the Monday Morning March.

According to Buckskin Bill, you march around the room in circles, playing a pretend flute. Then you take your pretend flute and pretend to be hitting imaginary bells. And then you can use your pretend flute as a baton as you pretend to be the leader of a marching band. And mostly importantly, you SMILE, because, as Buckskin always said, "You're never completely dressed until you put on a smile."

And by the time you're finished with the march, Monday has ceased to be such a doldrumy day. It really works.

Sigh. I really shoulda been a kindergarten teacher. Somehow it seems the Monday Morning March would go over more effectively in such a classroom than here in doldrum-soaked Cubicle Land (although Cubicle Land certainly needs it more) ...

Still, Buckskin Bill is kind of a hero of mine. You gotta respect a guy who dressed in buckskin clothes every day for several decades, marching around his tiny studio every Monday morning, playing a pretend flute, and making everyone smile.


violet said...

Waterfall, I do need that march today! And you should have been a kindergarten teacher! I used to teach Gr. 1 - way back in another life - and my friend Eileen taught K. She too would have glommed right on to the hoodie (whatever) day and the Monday Morning March and we would all be feeling better by first recess.

Anonymous said...

So what's keeping you from becoming a kindergarten teacher????


Anonymous said...

I just ran across your blog about Buckskin. 30 Years later and I still Love Buckskin! Thanks for the "smile" this morning!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know the song Buckskin Bill played during the Monday Morning March

Faith said...

This guy enchanted more than the Baton Rouge area. I'm not and never was a resident of Baton Rouge yet I knew the program well. I was very sickly as a kid, wasn't able to go to school like most so everyday I looked forward to this show. Remember, back then programs were limited, TV. wasn't 24 hours a day and stations didn't specialize and if a home had TV., it was usually only one and when color TV. came out we had the first in our neighborhood... I looked forward to the Monday morning march, and when he would play the recording "Camp Granada".

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