Friday, February 11, 2005

I Really Would Prefer to Watch Clouds

I remember taking the aura test when I was in college. A girl in our dorm had a book titled What Color is Your Aura?, and we all had great fun taking the test (which was really nothing more than a personality test) and learning our results.

I was a lavender. Here's a bit of the description from the Aura Colors website (which also includes the test):

"Lavenders tend to live in a fantasy world."

"It is challenging for these airy beings to live in three-dimensional reality."

"These child-like personalities are sensitive and simple."

"Lavenders would rather spend time watching clouds float by or daydreaming."

"They prefer to escape this reality with all of its demands and responsibilities."

"They are more familiar with other dimensions and imagined realities."

"They tend to experience events in their imaginations, but they are not usually grounded enough in physical reality to actually accomplish anything tangible."

How pathetic. Somehow this description makes me feel like I should have unicorn posters hung all over my bedroom. Like I should dot my i's with smiley faces or hearts, and put glittery star stickers on my spelling book.

But it does sound like me, sadly enough. In my defense, I must tell you that I do accomplish tangible things sometimes. Not very often, but every now and then.

This for-fun test isn't nearly as good as Myers-Briggs (of course), but it's kind of interesting.

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Jammie J. said...

I'm blue/indigo. Hmmm.

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