Monday, February 7, 2005

I. Love. Walker. Percy.

Actually, it kind of annoys me when people put periods after every word in a sentence, just for emphasis. It's ... punctuationally incorrect.

But I do. I do love Walker Percy, that is. I'm re-reading Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self Help Book, and just had to share this quote:

It has been observed that artists live longer and drink less than writers. Perhaps they are rescued from the ghostliness of self by the things and the doings of their art. The painter and the sculptor are the Catholics of art, the writer is the Protestant. The former have the sacramentals, the concrete intermediaries between themselves and creation--the paint, the brushes, the fruit, the bowl, the table, the model, the mountain, the handling and muscling of clay. The writer is the Protestant. He works alone in a room as bare as a Quaker meeting house with nothing between him and his art but a Scripto pencil, like God's finger touching Adam. It is harder on the nerves.
I'm rather wary of preachers, pastors, ministers, and such (not to mention psychiatrists and therapists and other "guide" types). I can't help it. It's just the way I am. But I knew that I would like the pastor of our church when, in probably my first discussion ever with him, he told me that he loved Walker Percy's books, and that his favorite Walker Percy novel was The Second Coming and his favorite non-fiction book was Lost in the Cosmos.

If someone tells you they like Walker Percy, then it goes without saying that they're probably bright, wise, and cool human beings (as human beings go). But when they say that their favorite Walker Percy books are The Second Coming and Lost in the Cosmos, then you know you've met someone who just might have some understanding of your own existential craziness. And that's not a bad thing to find in a minister-type. Not a bad thing at all, particularly if you're a skeptical minister-wary type like me.

I'm sure I'll be discussing this book more in the next few days, so stay tuned.

And yes, I'm back from my blog sabbatical.


daisymarie said...

Ok, I'm off to research this writer you acclaim. I'm interested and intrigued.

Waterfall said...

Start with "The Moviegoer" or "The Second Coming," if you like fiction. Those are probably my two favorites of his novels.

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