Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hearing-Impaired Classical Pianist

Forrest Covington pointed me to the website of Valerie Zamora, a hearing-impaired pianist. Naturally, I'm interested in learning about hearing-impaired pianists, and it was so exciting to read about one who has actually performed at Carnegie Hall and was interviewed by The New Yorker.

I really enjoyed that article, along with the rest of Zamora's website. Her deafness--and her way of hearing music--sounds very similar to that of my own. Only I never even considered the possibility of playing chamber music because I simply cannot hear other instruments above the piano--particularly higher-ranged instruments such as violin and flute. But this woman is proof that, with the right amount of dedication, hard work, and talent, it can be done.

So she is an inspiration and there is hope. If "Adagio Thing" ever gets written, maybe I'll even play the piano section myself.

I love this quote of hers because it rings true with me:

"There are instruments that I know I’m not hearing in the same way somebody else does, but becoming familiar with the sounds I do hear, I can understand what the player is doing. It is in the scope of every musician to produce sound using all their senses, and I think that’s what I’ve developed, to produce sound not just using my training but to consider gravity, motion, dance, color, even touch and smell."
This woman is obviously a fascinating person as well as a talented pianist. Listen to a couple of her music samples here.

Thanks, Forrest!


tonia/sparrow said...

This is so interesting. Don't the mysteries of how it all works make you marvel at the Creator?

Waterfall said...

Most definitely, sparrow. And there are so many mysteries out there!!

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