Monday, February 21, 2005

George and Wolfie Still Love Me!

I had my piano lesson today, the first lesson I've had in a month (thank you illness, flu, and crazy schedules!). I was not particularly looking forward to it. I was looking forward to seeing Deborah (my piano teacher) and the cats (my piano teacher's cats), but not to showing her how low piano has fallen on my priority list for the last couple of weeks.

Well, it wasn't too bad. Wasn't bad at all, in fact. I played that A-flat-major contrary-motion scale like a pro, baby. Woo hoo!

The Mozart Fantasie wasn't so good. I have it note-perfect, but as I played, I felt like I was just playing the notes, the way I'd transcribe a report on the computer. There was no soul to my performance at all. Of course, it was obvious. Deborah commented that I'm playing it well but seem to have lost my emotional connection to it.

Yup. I agree wholeheartedly.

So my goal for this week is to get reacquainted emotionally with the piece. So that should actually be a fun journey to take.

The Dett sounds GREAT, as long as I play it one million times slower than it's supposed to be played. But that's a start. If I can get it right at a slow pace, that's a step toward getting it right at a faster pace.

So, all in all, I was happy with the lesson. I wasn't awful, as I'd feared I would be. And my reason for playing the Mozart so poorly this weekend (and depressing myself over it) isn't that Wolfie and George no longer love me. It's because I've lost an emotional connection to the piece--something that does get lost when you don't spend the necessary "quality time" with a piece, but something that can be regained with sufficient quality time.

So George and I get to focus on spending quality time with my beloved Wolfie all week. Yippee!


Emrah said...


And George says:
Hey, Waterfall. I have a terrible octave-ache. Must be this damn stiatica again. Need your massage badly. Would you? Pleeeease....... Mmm. Yeah. Gooood. Ah, yes! Yes! Just there! That! That F sharp! It is very sharp! ....... Mmm. What a pinpoint! How can you do that? Can't tell how I feel relieved now. You 'flattened' it. My strings are just... I'll tell you what... is that Mozart thing, a new technique? I should ask for more. What about everyday session? You don't Heidi can't do that. Whenever she attempts, she just makes noise!

Goddess said...

I used to want to learn to play the piano, than I changed my mind of course.

Thanks for the comment.

Waterfall said...

Emrah: ROFL! After I read your comment last night, I went straight to the piano and gave poor George a luxurious two-hour massage! Thanks for motivating me!

Goddess: Too bad you changed your mind. :-( Thanks for stopping by!

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