Tuesday, February 1, 2005

A Couple of Lit Sites, Etc.

I'm adding some new sites to my list of links.

The Literature Network has more than 300 books and 1,000 short stories and poems by over 90 authors. I got this link from a co-worker who is reading War and Peace on her coffee breaks. This site also have the entire Holy Bible (KJV). Another great site for Bible research, by the way, is Blue Letter Bible, which I use a lot in my Precepts study because it has so much great information.

A Common Reader is a bookseller offering a great monthly catalog ... but my favorite parts of their site are Curious Word of the Day and the Reader's Calendar.

I found this last link on A Circle of Quiet, an interesting and insightful blog that touches on religion, poetry, nature, music, writing, and education, among other things. I haven't had time to read much of it, but I've enjoyed the few posts I've read so far.

Another one of my favorite blogs, Reflections in d minor, linked to my crazy Severus Bach dream and subsequent musings. I do appreciate the link, although now the whole blogosphere probably knows about my Bach complex ... !

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