Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Another Mozart-related Post

I watched Amadeus again this weekend. It's my favorite movie in the whole world. I have much of it by memory (words and music), and I've literally seen it over 100 times. It's the only video tape I own, other than the Russian-language War and Peace. I do not yet have the Amadeus DVD (hint, hint to gift-buyers ... oops, I forgot. My birthday's over for this year.)

Anyway, here is what's strange but true: There are actually people in this world who seem more ga-ga over Amadeus than I am. I thought it not possible. But it is.

At least I scored 20/21 on their "Amadeus Quiz." Here's what it said about my results:

"15+ - Amadeus Immortal. Awsome!! You know everything (or nearly everything) there is to know about this incredible film, and you display some knowledge of the story behind it! Great job!"

Speaking of Mozart (I've been speaking of him a lot lately, haven't I), I recently finished the novel Marrying Mozart, by Stephanie Cowell. A quick read, and a fictionalized peek into the lives of the Weber sisters, their family, and "the young Mozart" who ultimately marries Constanze Weber. If you enjoy light historical fiction, might like this one. It also probably helps to be female. I thought it was OK ... not great, but certainly not horrible.

Ha ... when I went to amazon.com just now to get the link for Marrying Mozart, it said I might also like Sleeping with Schubert. Hmm ... considering how the poor man had a fatal case of syphilis, I don't know if I'd like sleeping with him all that much ...


Emrah said...

Whenever I watch that movie, I can't help but say "Poor Salieri". Do you think that he had really poisoned Mozart?

NB1. There is an opera Mozart & Salieri by Rimsky-Korsakov which you might find quite interesting as a Mozart fan.

NB2. And there is a beautiful Decca CD by Cecilia Bartoli singing Salieri arias.

Waterfall said...

I agree. Salieri is such a tragic figure in that movie/play. I always hope it will turn out differently for him, but it never does. :-( No, I don't think he poisoned Mozart.

I am not familiar with the Rimsky-Korsakov opera. Would be interesting to see/hear, I'm sure! Also, I will check out the Bartoli CD! Thanks!

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