Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami Disaster Relief Help

Here is a letter from Glen Woodruff of Engineering Ministries International (eMi), a non-profit Christian organization of architects, engineers, and surveyors who donate their skills to serve the poor and needy around the world. It tells of one way that we we can help the surviving victims of the tsumami that destroyed so much of southern India over Christmas.


Dear Friend of eMi,

As you've mostly likely heard by now, a tidal wave of "biblical" proportions has struck the shores of southern India, washing away everything in its path. The massive Hindu population of the Prakasam District in Andra Pradesh is turning to the Church for help. They are literally standing at the doors of the 100+ churches that eMi has constructed via the Village Church Project for India Christian Ministries (ICM) and these people are desperate. This is our opportunity to respond with the love of Jesus.

The 300 pastors working with ICM that minister in this district are using these churches as relief shelters. These pastors need food, water, supplies and blankets to distribute to the 25,000 people who were shocked by this massive destructive force. India Christian Ministries has been a good friend of eMi and a trusted ministry partner for many years, and we need to stand with them and equip them as they strive to meet the needs of these people.

I received the following email today from James, the director of ICM:

"As of today, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, where ICM works, more than 100 bodies have been found. Thousands of people are missing, and over 25,000 people from the 80+ villages along the coastline are now homeless. People have lost everything they owned, they are without food, and the water sources are polluted. It averages about $50 to provide a family with a week's worth of food ($10), a set of clothing for each person (around $20), a large blanket and a large mat ($20). If we can't do all of these things, we can do at least food, though it is my heart to do all of it. The next step is rebuild homes in the communities...and put the church in the center of the community and rebuild the villages."

Will you commit to help a family begin to rebuild their life with your gift of $50? I know we're in the midst of the holidays, but I hope you'll consider this opportunity to help those who have lost everything. If you can do more, please consider giving to help two, three or even ten families.

We will send 100% of your contribution directly to India to be distributed to those in need. If you would like to help us meet this critical need, please reply to this email ( to make a pledge. Type "India Relief" in the subject line. Then mail your tax-deductible contribution to eMi, 130 E. Kiowa, Suite 200. Colorado Springs, CO 80903. We are requesting you notify us of your pledge via email, so we can notify ICM immediately the amount of our financial commitment for relief supplies.

Thank for considering this urgent request.

For Him,

Glen Woodruff


eMi...designing a world of hope

engineering ministries international

130 E. Kiowa

Suite 200

Colorado Springs, CO 80903 USA

719-633-2078, ext. 101


I got this letter via Jeremy Phillips of World Harvest Mission. We met Jeremy and his family recently, before they headed to England to do mission work. He writes that eMi is a reputable organization that is well known to WHM; check out their website for more information about eMi.

Update: This blog is a sort of clearinghouse for information on the disaster relief effort. Got the link from Mr. B.S.

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