Sunday, December 19, 2004


I wrote music today. And it's the most un-Waterfall-like music I've ever heard. It's awful and wonderful. It's polka-like. You hear it and you just want to start waltzing around the room with your cat. It's waltzy. It's schmaltzy. I'm calling it Ninsterschmaltz, seeing as one of my nicknames is Ninster.

Now, I've had an idea for many a year about writing a musical based on one of my favorite Hans Christian Andersen stories. This bit of Ninsterschmaltz would be perfect for the rich-people's-dance-scene. Hee hee!

So, whether I ever write a musical or not, well, I have me some music. It started out as a music theory/composition exercise and just sort of took on a life of its own. I called my sis and played it for her and she loves it, schmaltz and all. Hee hee! Ha ha! Ho ho! Maybe I'll be a real, live composer after all!

Mo' later. I'm going to read a bit of Twenty Years After, then go to bed.

P.S. It's STILL sneauxing.

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