Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I Want to F8-Exit the Office and Go Hiking

I miss the trail today. More than usual.

When I say "I miss the trail," I don't just mean the Appalachian Trail. I mean "the trail" in a more general sense. I miss day-to-day trail life.

I miss piano, too. The piano room was freezing today, so I only made it about six minutes (enough time to fumble through the Mozart Fantasie) before my fingertips began to show signs of frostbite. So I headed back to Cubicle Land.

Today, I'm replacing screen shots. Why? Is it because the content of the screens have changed? Is it because they look shockingly different from the previous version of the software?

Or is it because every "Exit" button in the software was changed from F8-Exit to [F8] Exit, and because every said "Exit" button was moved from the right side of the screen to the left, in every screen in the software?


Fun, exciting day. Some days I just want to F8-Exit the office and go hiking. I'm sorry, I meant that I want to [F8] Exit the office and go hiking. My mistake. Silly ole me.

493 more days (or something like that) till the PCT. When I'm freezing my hiney off in a cold rain somewhere in Oregon, miserable because I'm tired and hungry and scared and won't have a shower for three more days, I'll think to myself, "Would I rather be out here on the PCT ... or would I rather be sitting in temperature-controlled Cubicle Land, replacing F8-Exit screen shots with [F8] Exit screen shots?

I know what my answer will be.

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