Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Eureka! Two Pages! Four Arrangements!

Woo hoo! Whee hee! Two pages down, several hundred to go! I have begun. After several weeks of outlining, making notes and lying awake in bed, planning and organizing, I have written the first two pages of my novel.

The creative juices seem to be flowing. I also worked on different piano arrangements of a melody last night from the Music Theory book. Practiced writing the same basic tune, with the same basic progression of chords, with various accompaniment styles: minuet, waltz, Alberti bass, sweeping broken chords a la Chopin, etc. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. This is very, very exciting. I feel like I'm finally getting past that wall I've been hitting in Music Theory/Composition.

Yee-hi! Yippie-eye-oh!

Can you tell I'm tripping on this whole creativity thing? I'll crash eventually (it's a manic thing), but for now ... whoo-eee!


oceanskies79 said...

Sharing you joy and excitement. Maybe a year later, you might be promoting for the scores containing your music compositions?

Waterfall said...

Maybe someday ... who knows? :-)

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