Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Werther's Lady

Have you noticed that every office in America seems to have a Werther's Lady? You know her; she's the nice older lady who always keeps a bowl of "Werther's Originals" candies on her desk, a bowl from which all co-workers are invited to freely partake. As a result, I would wager that a great percentage of the America's cubicle workers, at this very moment, have butterscotch-coffee-caramel breath and brownish teeth.

Our Werther's Lady's name is Sarah. The Werther's Lady at Dan's office is named Gloria. At my dad's office, it's alternately Shirley and Hugh. OK, so maybe it's not always a lady. But there seems to be a veritable army of nice ladies pushing Werther's candies throughout the Cubicle Lands of America. Has anyone else noticed this? It's kind of creepy.

But it's also good. Werther's Originals are dee-lish. When my teeth fall out at age 40, Werther's will likely be a major culprit.

I was going to link to the Werther's official page, but I found this page instead, obviously created by someone who has a LOT of time on their hands.

I was wondering ... what would the plural of "Werther's" be? Werther'ses? Wertherses? Werthers'? Tout les Werther? Wertherii? Something to ponder next time I'm in the mood for deep thought.


Anonymous said...

There are no cubicles at my office, so I can neither deny or support your theory. However, you were definitely right about the person with the Werther's site having way too much time on his/her hands! Too funny!


Stacey said...

Funny Werther's original story.

My sister and brother's grandpa (hereinafter referred to as "Granddaddy") used to have Werther's Originals with him all the time. Granddaddy used to always give my little brother the candies but warn him to never, ever swallow them. Once, my brother saw a man with an especially pronounced Adam's apple, and he asked Granddaddy what it was. Granddaddy told him the man had swallowed a Werther's Original and it had gotten stuck. Several months later, my rogue of a brother swallowed one. A few days after that, he was paranoid and feeling his throat, and sure enough, he felt his Adam's apple. For a long, long time after that, he was scared he'd get in trouble for having swallowed a Werther's Original.

File that under either cruel grandparents or funny kid stories.


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