Thursday, November 4, 2004


Referring to my previous post, I'm sorry if I confused people. I think Felix was the only one to get it. Or at least he gave the impression that he got it. Here's the translation:

1. Effuen is pronounced "Ef-yoo-en," or "F-U-N." Fun. The title is really "Fun with Words."

2. Dubya = the letter W

3. Aye = the letter I

4. Effie = the letters F and E

5. Why = the letter Y

So, altogether, they spell "WIFEY."

The punctuation marks are just there to make it interesting.

Aren't words just Esso Effuen?


Anonymous said...

See, at first, I thought you were using a very vulgar way to say you're "messing" with words. But taken with the context of your previous entry, I finally understood. Without the aid of this entry. Me so smart.

Cousin Stacey

Waterfall said...

Ha ... I was going to write, "Vulgar language? I didn't even THINK of that!" But, truth is, I did. Then I thought, "Oh, you're just letting your vulgar mind read things into these words that no one else is even going to think about."

Oh well!

Since my language is usually purty clean (the Hubster has cured me ... though "Catcher in the Rye" first poisoned me), if you ever see anything that resembles a wordy durd on this blog, you'll know I'm prolly just playing with your mind. Or someone else's mind. Not yours. :-)

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