Monday, November 1, 2004

Thumb Needs Xanax. So Do the Buds.

Practiced piano over lunch hour. It was an OK practice. I need to inject a good shot of xanax into my right thumb, though. It is so stressed. The rest of my fingers are relaxed, but Thumb is in a constant state of tension.

So I focus and focus and focus on relaxing it. Of course, nobody likes to be singled out, and Thumb is no different. So poor Thumb gets even more stressed when it realizes I'm focusing specifically on it.

Maddening. I think it's the fault of my technical-writing lifestyle. I type and type and type and type all the livelong day. I've noticed that, when I'm typing, Thumb tends to reach high into the air. As if it's trying to catch a ride out of the madness of Cubicle Land.

So I focus and focus and focus on relaxing Thumb while typing. I'm focusing on it right now. And Thumb can feel my gaze burning through its nail. Thumb tenses and tenses.

Thumb isn't just tense. Thumb is beyond tense. Thumb is PAST TENSE. Har har har!

Seriously (not really), I wonder if Botox would help Thumb? I need to do something. I'm afraid that Thumb is in the early stages of arthritis.

Piano player + Arthritis = Bad, Bad Combination.

I'd also like to give my taste buds a shot of xanax as well. They are currently having a sit-in in my mouth. Singing peace songs and chanting and everything. Do you know what they're chanting?

Give ... us ... chocolate!

Give ... us ... chocolate!

Give ... us ... chocolate!

Give ... us ... chocolate!

They won't leave me alone. They're mad because I decided to take a big swipe out of my sugar consumption because I ingest way too much sugar these days. I'm not a big health-related worry-wart, but I sometimes fear that I'm on the road to (1) adult-onset diabetes and (2) my teeth falling out. So, I've decided to cut back.

My taste buds are very, very unhappy. My brain is very unhappy. I don't think I'd be exaggerating if I were to say that I have a serious sugar addiction.

See? I just went to get a cup of (no-sugar-added) coffee, and someone had put their leftover Halloween candy next to the coffee pot. I'd avoided it all morning, but ... I now have a mini-Crunch bar in my belly.

Aarrgghh! Self-control I have none. At least when it comes to candy.

Now the buds are screaming for more.

'Twould be nice if there were a drug that made all sugary things taste like ... oh, like brussels sprouts, maybe. Or asparagus.

Wait. I love asparagus.

But if chocolate tasted like brussels sprouts, then I would have nothing to do with it.

Hmm, maybe there's something in that idea ...

Break time is over.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried low-carb chocolate? All the deliciousocity of regular chocolate, and the only health problem is a laxative effect. You can avoid the laxative effect by having a full stomach and eating it in strong moderation. It's the greatest!

Cousin Stacey

Waterfall said...

Actually I've bought the sugar-free Reese's Peanut Butter cups before. They're pretty good, and I can eat them in moderation if I get engrossed enough in work that I forget I have them.

The Hershey's sugar-free Special Darks are pretty good, too!

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Waterfall, I am not sure if this "natural therapy" could help relax your thumb a little? When I type, I will try to put my thumbs on the space bar, or at least just above the space bar. This helps remind them not to reach too high into the air. It takes time to form this new habit though.

I find it helpful not to focus too much on my thumb and fingers when I practice on my instrument. I have tendency to get paranoid if I do, and the fingers would tend to get stressed. Warming up with very simple pieces helps. Then I would rest for a while, and allow my fingers (and thumb) to stretch a bit, before working out on the real practices. If this might help?

But if it were early stages of arthritis, I wonder if it might be better to consult a doctor? Take care meantime.

Ed said...


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