Tuesday, November 2, 2004

A Story of Buts Big and Little

Dan was planning to come home this weekend, BUT

he wasn't going to get here until Saturday, BUT

that was OK because Saturday is library day, BUT

the library wasn't open until later so I went to the coffee shop instead, BUT

they were out of cinnamon-raisin bagels, which made me sad, BUT

I got some really good writing done anyway, BUT

I had to stop writing after only 10 pages so I could swing by the library and get home, BUT

Dan was sound asleep by the time I got there, BUT

I was able to wake him up gently by yelling "Hoodie Hoo!" in his ear, BUT

he was so tired and didn't want to do anything that required him to get out of bed, BUT

that was fine with me, so I crawled under the covers with him for the rest of the morning, BUT

later that afternoon our computer went home to be with the Lord, BUT

we've been planning to replace that decrepit old computer anyway, BUT

we hadn't done any research for the new purchase, BUT

we decided to go to Best Buy anyway and see if we could find something to our liking, BUT

we'd wanted to go hiking, BUT

we decided to go to Best Buy on Saturday and hike on Sunday, soooo ....

we drove to Asheville and bought a wonderful new computer, BUT

they needed to install some stuff before we took it home, BUT

that was OK because we were planning to meet POG and Mr. Worry for dinner anyway, BUT

it was still a pain to have to go back to Best Buy at 9:00 on a Saturday night, BUT

we still got home by 10:00, BUT

I was so tired that I couldn't stay up to put the computer together with Dan, BUT

he was probably glad of that and actually made it to bed at a decent hour so we could go hiking the next day, BUT

when he got on the computer the next morning, he couldn't transfer his stuff from the deceased computer OR get online, BUT

that was OK because we decided to go to Best Buy and THEN go hiking, BUT

Best Buy ended up being a big ordeal that lasted an hour, BUT

we ended up just going on a romantic picnic on the Parkway and a short hike, so that was fun, BUT

we still couldn't get the computer to work when we got home, BUT

lucky for us, Best Buy was still open and we talked to a member of their geek squad on the phone, BUT

he ended up telling us that our modem was bad and we needed to return it, BUT

Dan was going to be in Asheville today anyway, BUT

he certainly didn't have time to stand around Best Buy all morning, BUT

he ended up not having to do such a silly, ridiculous thing.

The But-End

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