Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Someone Said Boo. Yah.

Has the two-word spelling of booyah been contested, I wonder? I'll need to see what Webster and the American Heritage folks have to say about this.

Sherry pointed me to this instance of boo yah, but go here for a nice picture of Michael Moore (you may have to scroll down to the "Thousand Words" post.

I'm gonna try really hard not to be political today. I promise.

UPDATE: Booyah can also be boo-yah. And, in an article titled "Slang Can Bring Homeboys Together," Mike Seate of Pittsburgh tells us that boo-yah is "used by Los Angeles gang members to describe the sound of gunfire." I also learned that, in the southwest area of SD (San Diego?), California, "Boo-Yah!" is slang for methamphetamines.

Oh, great. Now someone is going to do a google search on "boo-yah" and "meth" and "gunfire," and MY BLOG is probably going to come up.

Anyway, here's a USA Today article from last year about some SportsCenter Island(?) person named Stuart Scott. It's titled "Boo-yah or just boo? Scott has fans and detractors," and it's about how this Scott guy tried waaay too hard to be hip and it just wasn't ... just wasn't ... I'm trying to think of a hip word for "cool."

Is "cool" still cool?

Or are we back to saying things are copacetic?

I truly love being a dork and a word nerd.

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