Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Importance of Having a Good Daddy

When I was sick last week and feeling lousy, Dan brought me coffee. Then, without asking if I was hungry, he heated up and buttered a leftover biscuit from the previous night's dinner. He put it on a little dessert plate and brought downstairs to me because I was too dizzy to walk.

Coffee and a hot, buttered leftover biscuit. That is such a "Mr. Hugh" thing to make (Mr. Hugh is my dad). And it's such a "Mr. Hugh" thing to take these simple little things to a loved one who is feeling sick.

Whenever Dan does "Mr. Hugh" things--particularly those sweet little, simple things like I just described--it merely reinforces my belief that I married a good man.

It actually reinforces my belief that I married one of the two best men in the world.

Mrs. Gwen (my mom) got the other one.

(Awwwwww .... )

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Stacey said...


Girls marry a man like their daddy. I'm glad the girls that have gotten married in my family so far have married well. It further reinforces my knowledge that the kids in my generation on my mom's side are smarter than most others in our generation. ;)


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