Monday, November 15, 2004

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Today is the birthday of Sam Waterston, a.k.a. "Jack McCoy" on Law and Order.

Sam Waterston was born in 1940 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which makes him a big 64-year-old today. Of course, he'd still be 64, no matter where he was born. Anyway, Dan and I love Jack. He is one of our favorite imaginary people. Lots of other people love Jack, too. Someone out there in Internet Land even created a page devoted to him, The Raised Eyebrow.

I'm not the fan club type. I joined the John Denver fan club once, and he died tragically a month later. So I don't want to join any more fan clubs.

If I weren't superstitious, I would join the Jay Nordlinger fan club. Or the Robert Greenberg fan club. Or start one. Or two. If I weren't superstitious.

Whoo boy, it's Monday. Still waking up, even though I've been up since 5:00. I had a good weekend and want to bore my readers with a play-by-play, so I'll definitely write mo' later.

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