Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Grindstone

My poor nose has been at it all day. Wrote a dozen pages of documentation, edited some pages, and exchanged lots of work-related e-mails, not to mention sitting in on a 1.5-hour meeting and spending an hour on scheduling for the next three months.

And we have company tonight. Somehow, I'm magically going to squeeze in a 1-hour workout, make mostly-veggie spaghetti, practice piano for an hour, do an hour of music theory and catch up on Precepts (2 hours worth, at least, of studying) before class tomorrow night. All before 11:00 tonight. Because if I go to sleep after 11:00, there's no way I'll wake up for 5:00 tomorrow.

No wonder I'm exhausted. Vacation time! (I wish. I wish.)

Time to head home.

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