Monday, November 29, 2004

Five (Count Em!) Stars!

Guess what! My book got five stars! And its ranking jumped by about 200,000! Many, many thanks to my kind reviewer!

Speaking of books ... According to my "Profile" here on Blogger, I've written well over 50,000 words of bloggerel since I started this thing last July. My publisher's guidelines for "50 Hikes" said for me to write a 50,000-word manuscript. Ergo, I've written a book-length tome of bloggity thoughts in only four months. And all of those were written in bits and pieces, on coffee breaks.

From now on, I'm devoting one of my coffee breaks to my new novel and/or the piano essay. It's silly to think that I can blog 50,000+ words with hardly any effort, but can't motivate myself to finish a freakin' essay--much less a novel.

That's a-gonna change, starting today.

Unfortunately for my career as both a blogger and a novelist, I have lots of work-related catching up to do here in Cubicle Land today. So I must sign off for now.

Happy National Adoption Awareness Month, everyone!

1 comment:

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