Friday, November 5, 2004

Feeling Sorry for My Kerry Friends

I really do feel sorry for my friends who voted for Kerry. Honestly. I'm not being facetious here. I love those friends (who, incidentally make up most of my friend population). If I got rid of all my Kerry-voting friends, then, well, I'd probably have about two friends left. And not a single fellow artist, writer, voracious reader, classical music fanatic, tree hugger, pseudo-vegetarian, or musician among them.

But there are people out there who are making my friends' side of the voting population look really stupid, not to mention mean and close-minded. Not good if you want to get more Bushies to see things your way. Not good if you want to get more non-affiliated people on your bus.

I mean, this is ridiculous. And so is this (warning: offensive language on this site). And this. And this. And, as can be expected, this.

See what I mean?

Time for Music Theory. Bye for now!


a messenger said...

That is about the worst site I have been to about bush and the right wing bashers. this one is done in satire style.

That one that showed the pictures in California just after the elections was really bad. I have to wonder about what kind of folks we have in the usa. I am certainly sheltered

John Maki said...

It's funny how the supposed open
minded liberal democrats have
become so hateful and
close-minded. I live in
and am surrounded by these types
of folks. I feel bad for them, but
will never be able to buy into
their intellectual idiocy.

I'm proud to be a Christian family
man in this perverse place called
Massachusetts, thogh sometimes I
long for the welcoming smiles and
like minded Christian outlook
from some of the folks in states
like Tennessee, Ohio, and Indiana.

Organized Christianity in
Massachusetts is basically dead.
There is some life in lesser known
and smaller groups.

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