Monday, November 22, 2004

Exciting Things That Happened This Weekend

(in addition to Vox Balaenae, which I wrote about in my previous post.)

1. I started a (non-romance) novel! And wrote 26 pages! And outlined the first ten chapters in some detail! So now I have that delectable "On-The-Road-Again" feeling that I get whenever I'm working on something big.

2. I outlined the piano essay that's been forming in my head over the last several weeks!

3. I got to see Mrs. Gwen and Mr. Hugh on both Saturday and Sunday!

4. Hideaway discovered a new napping place (our old curtain, which we took down and folded up but haven't thrown away yet)!

5. We got some of our dreaded Christmas shopping over and done with!

6. The site linked to my "Romance-Writing Career that Wasn't" post!

7. Cousins Veronica and Stacey updated, as did Jonathan. O, miracle of miracles!

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