Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Dizziness Update

It's early afternoon and I'm still pretty dizzy.

I spent the morning studying Bible commentaries and Greek words and their various meanings and translations. Then, a post on another blog forced me, FORCED me into the Inner Sanctum (that's the piano room, for new readers) to play Bach chorales.

Now that I'm learning to understand secondary dominants, the pleasure of playing Bach chorales and other hymns has moved to a whole new level.

So now I'm eating chicken soup (since I'm sick, even though I don't think I have a cold), and hope to spend the afternoon communing with my beloved Bach, studying secondary dominants, and working on some tune arrangements of my own. Just for fun.

Oh, and practicing the Mozart and the Dett. And all the other wonderful piano stuff.

It's gonna be a good afternoon. Or at least a productive one. I just wish I felt better.

1 comment:

oceanskies79 said...

Hope you get better soon. Have a good rest, and take good care.

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