Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Dear Dubya

Dear Dubya,

Well, I did my part. I wanted to cancel out the votes of all my cherished Kerry-voting friends, but I had to settle for canceling the vote of the white-powdered woman who stood in front of me in line this morning. She said she was voting straight-party for the Democratic ticket, so I assume that's what she did.

Dubya, I voted for quite a few Democrats here and there, particularly in the local-office races. But I proudly voted for you. I'm a registered Democrat, but I sure hope you win this election by more than a few votes.

Your friend,


P.S. The Hubster voted for you, too. He canceled out the vote of the white-powdered lady's nice husband.


OK, that's the end of my political blogging for the next four years. Stay tuned, dear readers, for some delightfully mindless and random blogs, faithful readers.

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