Tuesday, November 9, 2004

About the "INFP" in INFPeace

As I mentioned in a previous post, "INFP" stands for Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. The Myers-Briggs personality-type research refers to this "type" as INFP.

Here's some information I found from an INFP site on the internet:

INFPs are creative and are constantly seeking out new possibilities. They have a gift with language and usually will express this by means of writing. Their intuitive preference supplies the imagination and their feeling preference giving them the need to communicate. They are gifted at interpreting symbols - being drawn to metaphors and similes. Because of these gifts they often write in lyric fashion.
So it makes sense that I love anagrams and making up words. Or maybe my love for anagrams and making up words is part of what makes me fit so snugly into the INFP category. Click here for more on the world of INFPs. Apparently, INFPs, and "NFs" (which include INFJ, ENFJ, and ENFP) are pretty rare, as personality types go.

I bring this up because my blog is now a member of the INFP web ring. See the INFP links at the bottom of the page for more information on it.

According to another personality-type site, famous INFPs include the following:


Mary, the Mother of Jesus

St. John, the beloved disciple

William Shakespeare

Helen Keller

Mister Rogers

Annie Dillard

Princess Diana

Audrey Hepburn

So I guess I'm in pretty good company.

Here's the online temperament sorter, if you're interested in finding out what your "type" is. Let me know what you score; it's always neat when I find other NFs out there.

Still dizzy. Back to bed.

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oceanskies79 said...

Hi Waterfall, I agree that many INFPs have a gift with language. At least I have observed this in the few INFPs that I had acquaintant with.

I had done the online temperament sorter more than a year ago, and yes, I am an INFJ.

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