Tuesday, December 18, 2018

DIY Mad Gab: Puttin' My Bored Cat On

Another "fun with deaf people" post, this one from a meeting where I didn't have the benefit of video and couldn't see the speaker on the screen. Here are some of the things I heard and could not translate:

Kind of break up you have to be pig
This meeting isn't about defibrilating
Peau-wee. Peau-wee.
The daily bot.
Cool time, Amanda!
Sales, fork, spooner dollars.
We said we would have the new ones
A gross bar o'gin
We look in the path
Probably about a hundred knee
We paid to bed down, that's a good thing
A booze sleepover
We never beat on our bangs at all
We're a crocodile company, we get what we deserve
Clearly our biggest fishies
We got a bunch o'butchers
Puttin' my bored cat on
Those'll be the thankful talk tomorrow
Don't let us snot, that's the half of this shit
Coalesce. I am here.
Hate days plus one bloated.


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