Friday, October 13, 2017

Waiting Patiently

I am waiting patiently for the day to come when I don't wake up in a panic, thinking of all the things that absolutely have to be done, and that aren't getting done.

The cats are months late for their shots.

I've been in Georgia for four months, and I still don't have a Georgia driver's license. That's because I need my birth certificate and my Social Security card, and I have no idea where either of them are.

OK, there. It's 10 minutes later. In that 10 minutes, I:

  • Quit writing.
  • Figured out how to get my birth certificate.
  • Filled out the forms.
  • Looked for my debit card so I could pay for the forms. That took a few minutes.
  • Found my debit card.
  • Entered the information.
  • Ordered my birth certificate.
And now I am $47.95 poorer. Story of my life. I got paid today, and the nickeling and diming has already begun. Soon I'll be down to $100 to last the next two weeks, because that's how it always happens.

I started the process for ordering a Social Security card, but now I have to wait for Dan to wake up because they're asking a bunch of very specific financial questions so I can prove that I am who I say I am.

And now it's after 7:00 and my blogging period is over. And I'm pissed off because all I wanted was to escape and write for a few minutes. Yes, I got something important done, but I didn't want to spend my morning quiet time doing it.

Aaaaand that's the fifth morning quiet time of the week that's gotten overtaken by "more important stuff."

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