Songs I Can Play on Guitar

So, I got a guitar for Christmas, and I'm learning to play. I'm a novice but have learned a few songs already, now that I know a few chords.

This blog post is where I'm going to keep a list of songs that I can play/sing on my new guitar. I started keeping lists a couple of weeks ago elsewhere, and now I have half a dozen nearly identical lists on scraps of papers around the house. And I've misplaced most of them.

Since I can't misplace the blog, I'm putting the list here.

As you can see, I'm well on my way to folk-singer/campfire-guitarist stardom.

Amazing Grace
Blowin' in the Wind
Hobo's Lullaby
Home on the Range
Kum Ba Ya
Night Rider's Lament
Puff the Magic Dragon
Rhinestone Cowboy
Rock My Soul
Say Why (a song from Girl Scout Camp)
Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
This Land Is Your Land
Today (John Denver)
You Are My Sunshine

I'll be updating this list as I learn more songs. I'm currently not booking shows. ;-)


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