Wash Creek and Trace Ridge Trails, North Mills River Recreation Area

Here are some photos from our recent hike in North Mills River (8/27/2016). It wasn't a great hike for viewing mushrooms, as it had recently been logged (2014) and most of the trail was sunny and dry. Still, we got a few good pictures.
The Trace Ridge Trail, located in the North Mills River Recreation Area,
near Asheville, NC

Much of the recently logged area was dry and sunny.
Not a great hike for mushrooms, but we did see some
nice late-summer wildflowers.

I'm not sure what kind of mushroom this is,
ut I enjoyed finding a slug hanging out underneath it!

Hi, Mr. Slug!

Rattlesnake plantain - scary name, but beautiful leaves

I thought this was an interesting-looking mushroom.
I looked it up in my mushroom field guide, and
it looks like a painted suillus (Suillus pictus).

A lovely late-summer wildflower, southern harebells

Sassafras leaves!

Another mushroom. Looks like this one might be
the same kind that was housing the slug earlier.

Mushroom gills - I'm not sure what kind this one is.


I think this is a golden aster.

Your intrepid hikers, Waterfall and Sheltowee, a.k.a. Hubster


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