Two Walks in Two Days!

I can walk normally again, and it feels good. It feels good not to have to hobble because I'm in constant pain. It feels good to move. Dry needling has been a miracle for me.

On Monday's walk, a brief stroll around a park, I started using my MapMyRun app again.

And then last night was a three-miler in my neighborhood. For the three-miler, I pulled up an old Spotify playlist titled "Brisk Walk." And man, was it a brisk walk! I covered the first mile in just over thirteen minutes! With that playlist, I was able to walk three miles in less than and hour and get back to the house to spend quality time with my family.

Of course, I'd love to start running again, or at least jogging, but it will still be a while before I can do that.

So, there's my update. Not much to tell, but it's nice to be able to share news that I can walk normally again!

In case you're interested in a 13.5-minute mile, click the image below to see some of my "brisk walk" songs!


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