Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gripey & Grouchy

I've been in a gripey, grouchy mood all morning. I haven't had a moment of "me time" in about a week. I'm not getting any today. Like an idiot, I went and volunteered for something this afternoon and am going to miss a chunk of my monthly write-in with the AsheNo group. I look forward to that thing, as it's one of the few writing times I get each month where I don't feel like I'm stealing time from something else.

This novel I'm writing has come to a standstill, and it has nothing to do with writer's block. I have the entire reverse outline written and am chomping at the bit to get started on the next draft. Problem is, between errands and school cancellations and such, I haven't had a normal day of writing in over a week. So now I'm out of the zone and I hate it. Even right now I don't feel like I can work on it because I only have about ten minutes.

Whine, whine, whine. Time to list ten good things that happened this week while I wasn't writing.

1. I got to spend the day with Scout yesterday.

2. Scout and I were sitting at an outdoor cafe yesterday, and Scout was busy charming everyone. There was this one retired couple from Florida, and then these three kids who seemed between maybe fifth grade and eleventh grade. We ended up staying at the cafe for an hour an a half because Scout was making so many friends. It baffles me that such a social butterfly came from my loins.

3. We got to celebrate Hubster's birthday yesterday.

4. I got to read some here and there.

5. Scout and I watched The Wizard of Oz together three or four times. I was so glad she wasn't terrified by the witch and the flying monkeys the way I was when I first saw it as a child.

6. I went (mostly) gluten-free starting last week. I'm amazed at how much bread I used to eat.

7. Scout and I made fun little Easter egg decorations for her friends and teachers.

8. My little niece, SG, said my name for the first time last week.

9. Hubster has lost a few pounds.

10. We interviewed (successfully, I think) with the school we want Scout to go to next year. We'll find out for sure sometime this week if she's been accepted.

Ah. I was starting to feel better when Scout came running into the room, crying because I put milk in her cereal when she wanted it dry. (This was thirty minutes after telling me she wanted it with milk.) On top of that, she can't find her stickers. And she doesn't want to eat her sog-fest of a breakfast at her little table because the seat is not comfortable.


Back to gripey and grouchy again!

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