Daybook Entry (for the year, most likely!)

Outside my window ... The leaves on the trees are droopy with humidity, and the sky is a sheet of blue-grey, with patches of light blue trying to peek through.

I am thinking ... about how busy the week ahead of us will be, with packing up and moving and getting our current house ready for the new renters.

I am thankful ... for my husband. Twice in the past week I’ve had to drive the distance that he drives every day to get to work—the distance he has driven every day for five years. All because I thought I wanted to live in this remote small town where I used to have a job. It is a brutal drive, and I didn't even have to deal with end-of-workday traffic.

In the kitchen … the dry goods are waiting to be packed into boxes for Sunday’s move. The refrigerator and freezer are emptier than usual, as we’ve been trying to consume as much of the perishable stuff as we can. The bananas are starting to look spotty … maybe my first “meal” in my new oven will be banana bread …

I am wearing … a pink and blue tie-dye made for me by my friend Joelle back in 1997. It’s the second-oldest t-shirt I own, and among the most well-loved.

I am creating … to-do lists for the move. And I am looking forward to a week from now, when I’ll be able to resume my regularly scheduled programming of working on stories and poetry for four hours each day.

I am going to … wake the family in just a little while so we can get breakfast, get dressed, and get started.

I am wondering ... if I should go get another cup of coffee, or wait for Hubster to wake up and get it for me. (Yes, I’m spoiled.)

I am hoping ... today will be productive. We have a lot of work to do.

I am looking forward to ... spending the day with Hubster while Scout spends the day with her friend Jen.

I am learning ... that if I applied my perfectionist's eye to housekeeping, I would be one of those people who cleaned all the time, to the point that I had no life outside of cleaning.

Around the house … there are boxes, boxes everywhere!

I am pondering ... the fact that I have no regrets about leaving this house to live somewhere else. I have made some good friends here and will miss them, and I hate the thought that Scout will need to make new friends, but I have no twinges of sadness whatsoever about leaving this house. Why did we ever buy it in the first place?

I am reading ... Dante’s Inferno. We read parts of it in AP English back in the late 1980s, and I've read bits and pieces here and there over the years, but I’ve never sat and read The Divine Comedy, start to finish, on my own. I’m surprised (though I shouldn't be) at how much I’m enjoying it so far.

One of my favorite things ... is seeing my daughter’s new-found love for The Sound of Music (speaking of favorite things). She calls it “the Maria show” and wants to listen to the CD every time we’re in the car. I’m thrilled, as "Do-Re-Mi" is much preferable to “The Wheels on the Bus”!

A favorite quote for today: Oh, I don’t know. I’m not big on quotes for the day. So I guess I’ll just quote one of my favorite quotable people, Ralph Waldo Emerson: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Sometimes I have to differentiate between what is a foolish consistency, and what is a wise one. I tend to opt for no consistency at all, ever, and that's not good either.

A few plans for the rest of the week include … MOVING!

A picture thought for this week:

Ready to hit the trail!


Jonathan said…
Wow you sound busy. That's a good quote; it has me sitting here thinking about all the things it applies to, and all the things it doesn't.

Scout needs a bigger backpack.

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