Rambly and Doldrumy

I have tennis elbow in my right arm. I’m thinking that if only I could use my right arm without pain, I would be happy.

Funny how that works, isn’t it. As my husband says, “There’s nothing like some good physical pain to get your mind off your emotional problems.”

It was a people-filled weekend, and I think I’m coming down off that, too. Saturday morning was my Beachbody “Shake & Share” event at a local coffee shop. Not many people attended, though the ones who did attend were great. Still, I was a little disappointed at the low turnout (considering the number of people I’d personally invited), and that made the afternoon a little doldrumy. And then on Saturday night, we went to an event at the church (which I hardly ever attend anymore, so it felt a little wrong to show up on the night they had free food, but Hubster wanted to go for the fellowship, and Anne wanted to play with her church-friend Eden). Not a bad time at all, but I was really exhausted after that. And we even left early.

The next day, everyone but me went to church while I cleaned for company later. And we had company later. And more company a few hours after that.

Again, I had a nice time with all these lovely people … but the introvert in me (i.e., my defining nature) is completely worn out. So today I’m in a sort of fog. All day I’ve felt like I’ve just woken up and can’t quite get my bearings. It’s a good thing Anne went to school today, and a good thing I don’t have a job. “Decompression” days never go well when there’s no time or place or quiet to decompress. The fog just gets thicker and I get more panicked that I won’t be able to find my way out.

In the midst of this mental fog is this stupid, throbbing pain in my elbow, radiating up the back of my forearm and into my wrist.

(I’m not a very good representative of a health-and-fitness company today, am I. I probably won’t be tomorrow, either. But who needs a good rep when you have a link to her website? Here’s where you can order stuff like P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, Les Mills Pump, Ultimate Reset, and Shakeology for the health nut (or the couch potato) in your life.)

Man, I am rusty at this blogging thing. I’ll go ahead and post this one, even though I’m not happy with its rambliness. Maybe my next post will be better … and the one after that even better, and the next one even better. Until then …


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